Thursday, June 21, 2012


my dad came into my room the other day and firmly shuffled each foot onto the floor with his hands up. he said "okay, ready to memorize your new quote?" then proceded to tell me this: "today is the tomorrow you were dreaming of yesterday." after that just about blew my mind, he ended it with this: "So, Mi'kel, never waste a day."

i went to havasupai with some friends last thursday.
one of my favorite things about that special place is the night's sky.
in fact, it may be my FAVORITE thing about it.
i have a certain picnic table that is my favorite. --->it's right in the open with no big trees surrounding it.
nights you could find me curled up on top of it and watching shooting stars dance across the sky. it's like nothing else to see the sky completely engulfed by a mouth of mountains on all sides. i laid on my back and counted the stars to keep the thoughts of the world from sinking into my brain. i kept my mind there and in that moment, not letting it escape to any other time or worry. (which is surprisingly hard to do at times) just let my body be, let it take part of something much larger than myself.

my sister brooke and her 5 kids are visiting til the end of the month and with bry and his 2 kids next door, we have had a full house of 7 little ones under 11 running around here. 
where waking up to 2 kids in your bed who got scared in the night, isn't unusual. 
though sometimes i complain... i whole heartedly love it.
so many little owl-eyed children open to curiosity and pointing out new things.

it has really made me think.
about what's really important in my life.
and about the direction that my life takes when i let things be.
when i become the curious child and find joy in the present, it's amazing how many new things unfold into my view.

don't forget.
regain that childlike awe-ness.
be open to new possibilities and be happy where you are at in life right now.
believe that if you climb the trees behind your house you can touch the sky. 
and drink the rain just so you can see what the sky tastes like.

never waste a day.
believe in everything.
it's all magic.

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