Monday, May 14, 2012

happy belated mothers day, mother earth.

i love being outside.
i long for it.
today, i woke up before the sun and hiked my favorite trail to capture the earths beauty as the sunlight first falls upon it.
the world is truly a beautiful place.
and my little part of it is incredible.
happy mothers day, mother earth.
thank you for being you.
you teach me everyday that it is important to be who we are.
there is a unique beauty in each of us.

i borrowed my mom's super nice camera last night.
she packed it all up for me neatly to take first thing this morning.
i think she purposely gave me a small camera card because she knew i would be out there all day if i didn't run out of camera card space.
she knows me too well.
i ran out of space an hour and a half into my morning and grudgingly headed back towards the car.
it was not until i walked into our front door that i noticed how hungry i was, grateful my mom knew this too and it was the second reason she didn't pack me a bigger card.

needless to say, i'm grateful for mothers.

don't forget to thank your mothers for all they do, and especially don't forget to thank mother earth.
she does a lot for you too.
cheers to mothers.

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