Tuesday, April 24, 2012

brand new eyes.

yesterday in preschool a little boy shared with the class that he 'caught a mashed potato and named him lightning', i love my life and the variety that each day brings. and seriously, who doesn't love potato bugs?

today, i went to the zoo here in Logan. It's free and awesome and i'm in love with it.(did you know that you can 'adopt' a zoo animal that lives in the zoo off the money with your donation? your name goes on a piece of paper by a cage and EVERYTHING!) today it was perfectly hot and super happy snappy. Want to know what made it all the better? i got to explore with my friend Kara. Kara is 18 and has autism and a whole different perspective than you and i. I LOVE IT. it's fresh, real, genuine, and very comical. today we played hide and go seek/tag in the zoo for a few hours while her parents went to the temple.

She looked at me and said, 'i like you, mi'kel.' she then grabbed my hand and we were off and running like we were five and the world was all ours to explore. this was a unique zoo, it is small and mostly has animals native to northern utah... bobcats, coyotes, elk, emu's, peacocks, etc. but it did have two monkeys and a tortoise so that was pretty exotic.

Today i found the good news in fresh perspective. The kind that makes you think twice before ever going back to thinking in your usual patterns of thought. Kara teaches me everyday how to be more patient and learn to love life in unique ways. i'm grateful for her easy love and her eagerness for me to be apart of her life.

--when was the last time you told someone you like that you liked them. beauty is in the unnoticed. let fresh perspectives seep into your thoughts, a new way of thinking=a new way of life. oh. and don't forget to adopt animals in the zoo, they need love too.---

-it is written.
spread the good news.

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