Monday, April 16, 2012

you'll never guess where i found it today.

i'm sure today won't be the only post about them, but it is definitely too good not to pass up.
when i walked into the building today i saw little people's fingers point up at me as they whispered to their friends. it wasn't the kind of pointing and whispering that makes one nervous. but rather makes one happy to be alive. why is that exactly? because remember i work in a deaf preschool, their whisperings are PRETTY loud comparatively, and i heard every one. they were saying things along the lines of look who is here to play today, that one girl with the blue watch (what i'm known for around here), miss kel. it feels good to have little minions. there is no greater satisfaction in life than to have others want to play with you--especially children. i think it is the highest form of a compliment.

the good news in life today was in these whisperings.

--whenever you have something nice to say about someone, whisper it loud--

-it is written.

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